• STEP 1: Before we set out on our Coaching Walk we have an introductory meeting. Preferably through an intake walk but it could also be done via a face-to-face or telephone conversation. This gives you the opportunity to ask your questions and to raise your expectations. I can make an inventory of the desired results as well as the results that come with it.  This initial meeting is free and is without engagement.
  • STEP 2: At the end of our initial meeting we agree upon the number of walks that we will do. This of course will depend of your concrete question. On an average a Coaching Track takes 5 to 10 walks. Several tracks could be necessary.
  • STEP 3: Together we choose the location and date to start our Coaching Track.
  • STEP 4: Start of our Coaching Walks.
  • STEP 5: An instruction can be given after each Coaching Walk in order to bring into practice the new insights learned.


  • In between two Coaching Walks your coach can be contacted by email or by phone in order to be able to quickly reflect when needed.
    At the end of your Coaching Track a brief evaluation about the progress made will take place  and possible actions could be proposed to continue the work in the near future.



  • A Coaching Walk lasts between 1,5h to 2,5h
  • What do you take with you ? Easy walking-shoes, a small backpack with something to drink and eat on the way, and a booklet where you can write down your thoughts and reflections.
  • Cost for an individual Coaching Walk : € 70/h (VAT incl.)