Coaching Walks

To change = to move

Very often you try to solve a problem or you want to reach an extra goal in your life. But the most difficult part is to get started. At that moment you could use a little boost.

The combination of walking in a natural environment and at the same time dealing with your subject, has the advantage that words and ideas often emerge in a natural way.  Get a better insight on your qualities, your possibilities and your strengths, in order to be able to define your new course. In the direction you choose and in your own tempo. A course that gives you fresh energy to move further.

My approach is to work with the whole person: bringing together the best of coaching psychology with health and wellbeing, plus the art of mindfulness, to deliver long term sustainable results.




All people are different and every coaching question asks for a specific approach. For these reasons I propose 3 possible coaching paths. Whatever track you choose, the course will be tailor made.

Coaching Path 1: Personal Coaching

You can choose this individual path:

  • when you are struggling with questions, small or big
  • when you are facing an important decision to take
  • when you are feeling incertain about something
  • when you are afraid or when you are experiencing fear of failure
  • when you are feeling down

Coaching Path 2: Relational Coaching

Take this path when …

  • your relationship risks to fail
  • you want to get a better insight in the relational patterns between yourself and your partner
  • you want to give a boost to your relationship
  • you want to strengthen your relationship

Coaching Path 3: Career Coaching

It is also possible to start walking the path that leads to answers about your job and your career. We can walk and talk about topics like :

  • I do not feel good any more in my actual job
  • In what position/work environment could I benefit most of my talents
  • I am looking for something else, but I do not have a clue
  • You think time has come to rearrange your career and to change course
  • My job becomes redundant. What am I to do now. How to apply for a job ?
  • What are my talents and strongest competencies ?

A coaching walk programme is the ideal solution for getting things clear in your head, whatever the topic.