Coaching Walks Testimonials


“The setting brings me more at ease, it is much more easy to talk when you are moving”.


“A lot less constrained than an inhouse coaching behind a desk, but Kris succeeds nevertheless to obtain lasting results”.

Koen V.

“Kris opens your eyes to notice everything that is beautiful around you. Next to it he also succeeds to let you perceive things that were not obvious to notice. To me he is a real coach and guide.”


“By taking a walk on a regular basis I obtained as it were a second coach, i.e. nature itself that inspired me to get moving and to tackle the things that occupy my mind”.


“Some years ago I literally lost my way, I did not even manage to see my reason of being here anymore.
That is when I started my Coaching Walks with Kris.
Kris was to me a compass that lead me towards seeing the beauty of life again, to be able to rediscover the small things and the nice people around me !  A very intense experience indeed !”