Where does the coaching take place ?

How about taking some time for yourself ?

Go out for one or more relaxing walks in the countryside (parc, woods, natural reserve), or – why not – go outward for some days, take a break and leave for the mountains or the seaside.

Taking distance, that is what it is all about. And at the same time getting a clear view on the heart of the matter.

Nature: the ideal place for the walking coaching

Outside in the fresh air, you are in literal and figurative meaning in movement.

The mere fact that nature brings calmness and inspiration, will provide you with new ideas. For me too, a natural environment is an important source of inspiration. A lot of metaphores can be observed and lead us to insight.

For me it is the ideal place for coaching.

Still some doubts about walking coaching ?

Then I would like to put forward some more advantages of coaching walks.

Walking puts physical and mental distance between you and the stress-causing environment.

Walking coaching gives you time away from the stressors to clear your head.

Many people carry stress by tensing their muscles. By walking you unknot those muscles and put them to work.

When stressed we tend to only see what’s in front of our nose. Our breadth of vision narrows as we focus only on the issues causing the stress. When walking we encourage you to look up and out!

Become physically fitter. Lower your blood pressure and your heart health risk which can be increased by stress.