HR interim management

Sometimes you can only move forward after you dwell on the subject


What can a HR interim management do for your company ?

In every organization, the workload is getting heavier each day.

It often comes to the point where the development or the implementation of a new HR element becomes almost impossible without disturbing the daily life of the team.

But nevertheless we all know that not moving forward is not an option: it is compulsary to develop new policies/strategies and to put them into place. The HR department often gets to accompany these processes.

New forces are needed in order to be able to continue, but it may not be possible to recruit someone new in the near future. And even if it were possible: where to find qualified people quickly ?

I offer you a solution and will gladly take over the development and/or implementation of your new HR tools/policies.

Of course in close collaboration with your HR management and team.

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HR Management testimonials


“Thanks to his broad background and experience, Kris is capable of quickly integrating into an existing team. He proves his added value in a direct, pragmatic and no-nonsense way.”


“Working together with Kris has been truly a very positive experience. He approaches challenges with an open mindset and thinks in terms of solutions, not problems.”

Catherine D.

“Kris did an excellent job with Electrabel and we have had the opportunity to benefit from his broad experience in several HR fields.

He integrated himself very quickly which enabled him to rapidly strenghten our recruitment team. He also succeeded in gaining the trust of his internal clients and was on very short notice considered as one of our full senior team members. Besides his operational role, Kris also contributed in a strong way to some of our conceptual and organizational projects in our ever changing working environment.

We can describe Kris’ mission with Electrabel Recruitment, Mobility & Career as particularly professional, devoted and very pleasant. Last but not least, Kris is a very considerate colleague, always ready to assist someone with word and deed, and who will approach any situation with a constructive and positive mindset.”


“Kris is an HR-generalist with a strong, broad background. Several projects were completed succesfully thanks to his professional and friendly approach.”